Country Cabins is home of trophy whitetails in Chariton Iowa. It is considered to be one of the top spots in the U.S. for trophy Whitetail deer hunting.

With the coming of Fall also comes the rut season for Iowa’s Whitetail deer population. Lucas County has an abundance of public hunting areas and also a plentiful supply of deer. The Iowa DNR does a great job of regulating the deer season and the deer herd by managing the number of hunters and the availability of tags. We have a lot of out-of-state hunters but they are limited to tags only at 3 – 4 year intervals. These out-of-state hunters and also in-state hunters drop an enormous amount of money into the State each year when they stay at our motels, eat out, buy groceries, gas and supplies and shop at our local retailers.










Hunters from all over the U.S. have descended on Chariton and Lucas County this month and will cover the fields and timber in their quest to fill their tags. The hunters we have had from numerous different states so far have had tremendous success and as we visit with them daily we make many new friends that will return year after year to our community. We cater to the hunters the same way we do to our construction crews, families and others that decide to stay at County Cabins. We offer them the nicest rooms, suites, cabins and R.V. sites in the entire area and places to hang their deer and help make arrangements for them to process their deer. Many ask for services such as meat lockers and taxidermists. Daily requests also include places to eat or shop, auto services, entertainment venues, museums, and other places of interests. Many of these hunters will also purchase property for hunting or even to relocate their families. They often bring their sons and daughters, spouses and parents along with them to stay and hunt with them, teaching them how to respect the rights of others and good sportsmanship.




We look forward to your stay with us and you can check us out at for your future deer hunting trip.