Do you want coffee with that wedding barn? Hey, now that I have your attention, here’s the rest of the story! Here at Country Cabins Motel in Chariton Iowa we have a variety of lodging choices from your standard room to themed suites, kitchens, cabins, R.V. and tent sites. We cater to family groups, hunters, construction crews, weddings and family and class reunions. This brings us to the following offer! I have one of the most historic barns in the State of Iowa. It was built back around 1870 by Smith Henderson Mallory (Railroad entrepreneur) that owned nearly 1000 acres surrounding his Ilion Mansion in the North part of Chariton. It was a grand home and stood until 1955 when it was torn down. There is very little that remains of the Mallory Estate other than a few scattered relics, my barn and the former caretakers home.mallory-golf-2-386x290

The remaining barn was one of two very large barns where Mallory raised Percheon horses and sold them to the railroad gangs to be used as work animals. I would love to see the barn re-built and used as a wedding barn but I simply do not have the time to commit to such an endeavor. I would gladly supply not only the location but much of the lumber to be used in the re-build. I have access to native walnut and oak that can be milled so that the barn will retain its character with native Lucas County materials. This will not be an inexpensive project and will take a lot of time and financial means to complete but the end results will last many lifetimes and be an historic treasure. I restored the barn a few years back but a recent windstorm did some major roof damage last year. The basic structure is still in great shape. I have all the historical information and documentation on this barn and the Mallory property to go along with the project.



If you would have an interest in this project or know of anyone that might have an interest please contact me to discuss it further. I do not want to see another historical landmark destroyed and will do all I can to ensure that the barn can be saved but it is a huge project and more than one person can handle. I would love to see it look just like the picture below once it is restored again.


That brings me to the second project and that is to help someone establish a nice drive-thru coffee shop on another location we own on Court Avenue in Chariton. This is another project that I do not have time for but would be more than willing to help someone build and start the business with only one request – it must be named Country Cabins Coffee as it will be built in a cabin so as to go along with theme. We have started the remodel of the existing buildings at that location and it is beginning to take on the cabin look. This is a photo of a similar looking Coffee Cabin in another State but very much like what we would like to have at our location. I want no part in running the business but would gladly share in advertising and promote and help in any way possible. These are two very nice projects that would be hard for anyone to do on their own but with the assistance I can provide they could both happen very quickly. I would love to hear some ideas and see if I can find some interested individuals to make these projects a reality in the coming year. Thanks so much for your time.


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